How does a wood fired hot tub work?

The byre Cottage hot tub

Wood fired hot tubs work with the principal of gravity alone. They are efficient, simple, made with natural products and eco-friendly.

As you will see from the picture above the hot tubs at preselihillscottages have an external wood burner connected to the side of the tub, there are three pipes running between the wood burner and the wooden barrel, one at the bottom and two at the top.

Pipes carrying water run around the inside the wood burner. As water in the pipes is heated by the fire, water flows upwards out of the pipes at the top into the tub and cooler water flows into the pipes from the bottom of the tub in to the furnace. This circulates the water as it heats.

This system is completely natural, there is no electricity and therefore no noise. The tubs do not have power jets, it is more of a relaxing steamy soak situation :-).

There are seats in the tub so you just sit and relax, maybe with a cool drink, enjoying the surrounding sounds of nature. We have a nearby stream which burbles past, guests have remarked on how relaxing it is.

What about the water?

The fresh spring water from our farm used in the tubs is completely emptied and the barrel cleaned between each guest. We choose not to use harsh chlorine, instead we use Oxygen based granules which aren’t harsh on the skin but keep the water fresh.

To regulate the temperature of the tub you have two options, you either put more or fewer logs in the wood burner and/or you close and open air vents on the burner, when the vents are open the fire really roars, if you close the vents the fire quietens down.

If the water becomes too hot you can either leave the insulated top off for a little while and let the heat escape or you can top the barrel up with cold water from the hosepipe nearby.

How long does it take to heat your hot tub?

Well this is a bit of a ‘How long is a piece of string?’ question.

It depends of which size tub you have, the picture above is from Byre cottage, the barrel can take 4 people very comfortably. The barrel in The Mill cottage is designed for two people and is a cute bath shape, holds a lot less water and is much quicker to heat.

The main contributing factors in the time it takes to heat the hot tubs are

In the summer the 4 person barrel can take about 3 hours from a standing start, in the winter this can take up to 4.5 hours, however we now have thick insulated covers which cuts this time down a bit.

The smaller hot tub in The Mill cottage can take 2-3 hours depending on the factors discussed above.

Once you have heated the hot tub, if you put the insulated cover on then re-heating the next day is much much quicker, probably 1 hour or so, again depending on the outside temperature.

The Mill cute bath shaped barrel for two

How much wood will it take to heat the hot tub?

There are so many variables as discussed above but anywhere from 3-5 bags of well seasoned wood. There is a complimentary basket of wood in each cottage, more wood can be purchased onsite or locally.

How do we know how to use the hot tub?

When you arrive, you will find instructions in your Cottage to help you ensure you have a fabulous hot tub experience and we (Jen and Phil) are on hand to help if that is helpful.

If you have any questions about the hot tub experience then please just call Jennifer on 01437 532257.