It has been a long held dream to live on a farm, which finally came true. Having visited the farm just once, Philip and I immediately fell in love with it. The clean air, beautiful landscapes and the proximity to so much coastline whilst being away from the busy towns just grabbed us.

We moved to Pembrokeshire from Surrey in 2014 and started the transformation to the barns in 2015. It was hard work, over a third of the stone building had to be rebuilt, but was worth it as we now have three beautiful cottages which you can see in the photographs.

We have retained as much of the character of the farm as we can and have really enjoyed bringing it back to life.

Having never owned a farm or animals before we are very proud of the new Farm Family, which has grown since the completion of the renovations. We now have Belted Galloway cows, chickens, pigs and then, of course, there is the head of the family, Hector our Basset Hound.

We love living here and look forward to extending a very warm welcoming you in the very near future.

What our guests say…